Coventry Half Marathon
A busy start and you will need to self seed to get a good start. A straight run past the bus station and a circuit around the city before heading out to the Coventry suburbs and then the more rural lanes around Hawkes End.
On a good day, this is a fast course as the last 5 miles are downhill.  PB potential if you pace it right.
The race starts and finished outside the Coventry Transport Museum.
1) The start is flat for the first 500m but then a short sharp hill past the sports centre and back to the Cathedral. 
2) After a circuit around the city, the course goes under the ring road and climbs quite steeply to 2 miles, then flattens out for even pace until reaching the Holyhead Road.
3) Mile 4-5 is up the Holyhead Road. Nothing to worry about here, but it is a long drag and a straight road until passing the Allesley village roundabout.
4) Another short sharp climb, but immediately followed down a quiet lane to reach halfway just before the main climb of the course
5) Mile 7-8 is uphill. It gets quite steep through Wall Hill and Holyfast Lane. This will be the slowest mile of the course but onto Tamworth Road and it is fast, straight and downhill!
6) At mile 9 there is a little annoying out and back run to a roundabout. It is fast down, but slightly uphill on return and can break the rhythm if you have pushed too hard.
7) All downhill to mile 12 and back to Radford Road.  Unfortunately, 2 way traffic here is a bit of a pain but more so is the slight climb which now feels very steep. A fast descent back to the ring road gets the legs moving again.
8) The finish is a flat run in from Ikea and its easy to miss the speedbumps. Once off the ring road, its about 500m to sprint finish.