It Starts with Why?

Why should you use a coach?
You are here because you have an interest in endurance sport or triathlon. You are very likely to be in a period of good health and relatively good fitness. I would hazard a guess that you still have a good few miles still on the clock. Therefore, the next few years are a gift of an opportunity that could be your best yet.
However, you may have entered races, spent a small fortune on equipment, analysis, nutrition, race entry, travel and accommodation, yet the most important aspect of any endurance journey, you may have left to chance. The training.
Having a good coach can be the difference between success and falling short, between personal achievement and personal failure and disappointment. Having a coach will take the guess work out of training, motivate you, make you accountable for your effort, plan training, set realistic but achieveable targets, mentor and advise you and deliver you to the start line in the best physical and mental shape to give your best performance.
Why use Tri-be Coaching?
Following a set training plan is just one piece of a jigsaw. Downloading a training plan is easy enough to do but understanding why you are doing it, having targets and milestones along the way, the motivation to work through the tough times and the regular opportunity to discuss the training and progress are vital if you are going to be a success.
My coaching is much more than a generic training plan, tweaked for the individual. I give a comprehensive service of training plans, race planning, psychology and mindfulness, nutritional advice, motivation and realistic target setting in order to transform you into the best you can be.
The process relies of developing self confidence and knowing, a following of process, a group of like minded people, led by an inspirational and successful coach. Be better, Be inspired, Follow the Tribe.